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"A well begun is half done".

Interesting Research Paper Topics

 is the first step which concludes the outcome of your Research Paper.

Just before getting started with the topic selection, you need to come to a decision over the viewpoint of your academic paper. There are two viewpoints of writing a paper as;

Just before getting started with your 

Research Paper Topic Selection

, you need to come to a decision over the viewpoint of your Research Paper. There are two viewpoints of writing a research paper.

  • Singular viewpoint research paper
  • Multiple viewpoints research paper

You need to determine that either your research paper topic will be discussing only one point of view or there are multiple viewpoints to be discussed within in the paper. An thesis example of a Single View point Research Paper Topic would be;

“The approach of TRAFALGAR squad is unfair to the low profile citizens”

A an example of a Multiple Viewpoint Research Paper Topic would be;

"The approach of TRAFALGAR squad is to make sure the security of low profile citizens"

Once you have chosen the kind of title you will examine, you need to begin brainstorming for the selection of it. You must test your research paper ideas against the “C3” research paper topic test. Your topic should be;

  1. Controversial
  2. Conceivable
  3. Consequential

The topic should be controversial or debatable. You need to select a topic on which a reasonable and mentally healthy person would debate. For example a theses states, “the businesses should not discriminate on the basis of race”. This topic has been under debates since 100s of years and the laws have supported the victims up to a great extent. Try focusing on the part which is not covered, for example; “compensation caps placement on small businesses being suit for discriminations".

Secondly, the selected topic should be conceivable or plausible, which means that a statement should have some valid reasoning either against the thesis or in favor of it or it can be in both aspects.

Once the title has cleared the above test, it should be consequential. After sound debates and valid and conceivable reasoning, it should conclude significant consequences.

Before going ahead with the topic selection procedure, you need to keep the above stated concepts in your mind. Now you need to follow 3 simple steps to choose a quality topic.

Step 1: Select a general and broad topic
Step 2: Categorize the topic
Step 3: Ask questions

Step 1: Choosing a General Topic

Personal Interest:
You must have heard this dozens of time that pick the one of your interest. I understand that it is an old and repetitive statement, but it surely works. Always remember that personal motivation plays a huge role in writing your paper with quality and concludes the difficulty level of your writing.


Previous relevance and Research:
Select a topic, for which you have had relevant experiences in past or topics on which you have researched previously as well. This practice saves ample of time and headache while writing your research paper.

Step 2: Categorize The Topic

There are three filters to be applied to each and every topic to make the writing executable. Each topic should be filtered against;

  • Unified Idea or Theme
  • Location
  • Time or duration

Once your have chosen a general research paper topic then you need to evaluate the themes or unified idea in which the research topic falls. For example, you select your general topic as, “War against Iraq”

Theme or Unified Ideas
: Political connections. This is not the only unified ideas, which you could have selected. The theme could have been the Allocation of resources within the war, legal accountability, international relations etc.

Locations or place:
You can also choose the affects within the domestic markets of US and the current political affects as Iraq is one of the possible aspects.

Duration: Duration: 2004 till present.

Step 3: Ask question

In this step, we need to ask questions against the chosen title. Now you are getting closer to finalize it as per your interest and on the basis of guidelines provided by our highly qualified writers. Let’s put all the instructions in action and generate a topic as per the provided guidelines.

Confront the political and legal accountability of the private security businesses
within the war against Iraq.”

Now in order to make sure either it is a good research paper topic or not, let’s test it against the “C3”. .

Is it Controversial?

Yes, indeed it is a 
controversial topic
 as all the major economies and economists are currently debating on the implementation of policies and legal implications on such private security business.  

Is it Conceivable?

Yes, there are parties in support and against of the practice, with valid reasoning and oppositional requisites.

Is it Consequential?

The peace makers, the US Government and the Iraqi Government all of them are involved and is trying to get this thing resolved as soon as possible, with as low as lethal damage as they can. It is a matter of justice, life and death and people are waiting for this debate to be concluded.

This how we believe you can construct your own it with enough research material, available sources and most importantly something of your own interest.

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