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MLA Citation Style

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How to structure and format the Title page of your Research Paper? What is in text Citations? How to quote outside sources within your document?

How do I cite different Authors with same name? Will I be graded nil only if the MLA Research Paper is not cited in the correct format?

Do I have to cite every sentence or shall I add it all in the end of the Research Paper? Sources with multiple titles, multiple authors or no author???

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MLA Citation Style

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MLA Research Paper

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The focus of Modern Language Association (MLA) style has been used to write and cite research papers of humanities, arts and other social sciences. MLA style serves us with an integrated system to refer the sources via parenthetical citation within the Research Paper. The best part is that MLA Citation Style protects you from being charged for plagiarism. Below you will find the basic and general guidelines for MLA Citation Style.


MLA Format Guideline

  1. Always write your document on an A4 size paper and the used font should be legible enough so that the reader can easily distinguish between italics, bold and regular font.

  2. The default margins on each side of the page should be 1” and always use double spacing.

  3. MLA Style recommends using a TAB key to indent the first line of the paragraph and use italics to emphasize on a particular note and for titles of longer sentences.
  4. Create a header with page numbers on all pages and in case you have any footnotes then present then in a separated page before the work cited.
  5. Do not add a Title Page unless you are instructed to do so.

Format of your First Page:

  1. List your and your instructor’s name, course and date of submission on the upper left hand side of the page.

  2. Do not format your Title and use standard capitalization for your Title Case.

  3. Make quotations or use italics in case referring other works in your title, just as you will do in your text. For e.g. Impact of Globalization in Advertising as a case study; Soil Fertilization in “Land and Soil”.

Headings and Sub-Headings:

MLA recommends that for headings within a Section of your research paper, use Arabic numbers like

  1. History and Background.
  2. Initial Developments.
  3. After affects.

The subheading can be either formatted or numbered but you just need to make sure that the format remains consistent through the Research Paper. For example;


1. Lava Eruption
1.1 Volcano Types.
1.2 Soil Partaking
2. Symptoms of Lava eruption
3. Preventions

Formatted :

Heading 1: Flushed left and bold:

Heading 2: Flushed left and italic
Heading 3: Bold and Centered
Heading 4: Centered and Italic
Heading 5: Bold, underlined and flushed left

Above were the highlights for general 
formatting in MLA Citation Style
 and later on within the article we will talk about in-text citations and other important features of MLA Citation Style, which will serve you as a Guide in your Research Paper writing.

MLA demands parenthetical citations, which involves referring of valid sources after a quote or a phrase within your Research Paper. For basic MLA IN-TEXT Citation Style please refer to the below pin points.

Referring outside sources completely depends upon the medium of the source (books, web, DVD etc) and its entry on the work cited page. MAKE A NOTE THAT ALL YOUR IN-TEXT SOURCE INFORMATION MUST BE THE SAME AS THE FIRST THING APPERING AS AN ENTRY ON THE WORK CITED PAGE

MLA citation follows the author/page method of in-text citation, in which the author’s last name and the page of number of the source is specified in the end of a quotation of phrase. You can change the placement of the last name of the writer BUT the page number has to be specified in the end of the quotation or phrase. The complete reference is always provided in the Word Cited Page or Bibliography.

Following are some examples of different sources citation within the text. In-text Citation For:

Print Sources (Books, journals, magazines etc) with known Author:

Jason Stephen described Plants as Living beings (88)


Plants are described as living beings (Stephen, 88)

The complete information with the book name, full name of author, place and date of publishing.

Print Sources (Books, journals, magazines etc) with un-known Author:
For un-known authors use a shortened title of work instead of the author’s name, in quotation marks.

“Volcano eruption can be dangerous for fertile land” (“Land Fertility” 9)

Citing multiple authors with Same Last Names:
For multiple authors with same last names, use the initials of each writer followed by the last name. In case the writers have same initials as well then write the complete name.

Citing Same work by Multiple Authors (Three or fewer)::
List the last names of all of the writers within the text or quotation or at the end of the phrase or quotation.

Citing Same work by Multiple Authors (more than three):
For same work presented by multiple authors, use “et al” or you can list the last names of all of them. In such cases utilize your bibliography to portrait a clearer image of sources.

Citing Multiple sources by same author:
Use a shortened title of the section of the original source, followed by the author’s last name and the page number. In case the author’s name has already been specified within the quotation or phrase then use only the shortened title and the page number.

Citing Sources from the Web:
This is the simplest citation method and is often complicated by writers. You do not need to insert the paragraph numbers or anything else within the text or quotation used within the document. You can just write the main URL of the website within the test and the complete and exact link in the Bibliography.

Our writers have been writing Research Papers in many formats, structures and in different citation styles. They have a strong grip over MLA, APA, Chicago and other Citation styles and they keep themselves updated with the new restrictions and imposition in each Citation Style.

We believe in serving our viewers at our best and in case this guideline has been a helping hand in clarifying your doubts about MLA Citation style then our mission is accomplished.

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MLA Research Papers
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