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  1. Do you feel helpless on how to organize and relate the research paper thesis statement to the topic?.

  2. You need to bring light to the previous researches done by experts in your field and when you ask your supervisor how to do it. The answer is always “that is exactly what I want you to decipher”.

  3. What to include in your research paper? How should I

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    to cover all aspects?.

  4. What is the structure of an A+ Grade Research Paper? Where can I find a research paper guide?

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First of all we need to understand what exactly a Research Paper is. A research paper is not an informed summary or a book report of a research in which the writer just summarize the research work and leaves it unfinished. The purpose of writing a research paper is to further the research works of an expert in the field by interpreting the discussed sources.

Discover the basic '

Research Paper Tips

' to be followed when writing a Research Paper. We have discussed the fundamentals of organizing your Research Paper Writing in 7 steps.

Step 1 – Select a Topic: Make sure that your selected topic interests you personally and professionally as well. The topic should neither be too specific nor too broad for example, narrow down your topic like this “Music” – “Rock Music” – “Hard Rock” – “Gothic Metal”. Your selection should be based on the length of your Research Paper. In case a larger word count has to be achieved then do not narrow your topic too specific but if the word count is nominal then a specific and narrowed topic can be chosen.

Step 2 – Gathering Information:Research libraries and online journals, articles and other resourceful websites and collect as much information as you can, regarding the chosen subject. Do not limit your research while writing an academic paper. Meanwhile, also compile each and every research work you will refer in your document so that you may not have to scribble libraries again to find the particular information.

Step 3 – Draw a Firm Conclusion This is the main purpose of writing a research paper as you need draw a conclusion for your research after reviewing the work that has been down by other researchers on the particular subject.

Now when we are ready to start the writing process of a Research Paper, we need to make sure that we follow the correct guide to format the Research Paper. A Research Paper is categorized under the following categories.

  1. Title Page
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Methodology
  5. Results and Discussion


In this page, you need to write down the research paper title, author’s name, course name and the submission date.


This is the most important part of a research paper and our research paper guides prefer it to be written after completing the Research Paper. This part includes the summary of your complete research and should not be more than a paragraph. You need to make sure that the focus of the abstract is on the below listed 3 categories.

  • Concisely provide the hypothesis, the purpose of the study and the objective.

  • A brief description of your methodology or the experiments conducted to generate a data.

  • Results and important conclusions, irrespective of the fact that either they are quantitative or qualitative.

All these should be covered concisely and briefly making sure that the length should not increase more than a paragraph.


The purpose of writing an introduction is to familiarize the reader with the objective of your research paper, in which you need to specify the reason to select the topic and the conclusion you are looking forward for.

Make sure that the purpose of the study is wisely described within the introduction, providing the exposure of the research. In this part you need to support the chosen vision and its benefits. Conclude the introduction by providing a brief description of the proposed methods and how it supported the outcomes.


This is the part of the document for which contains the maximum marks of your Research Paper. This part is the simplest and has to be clear as crystal. You need to clearly define the experiments conducted and the methods used within the research paper.

In this part, in order to make things clearer, use as many headings as you can and describe each and every procedure in detail. But always try to save space and explain your purpose with smartly used summarizing words.


In this part of your document, you present the findings and provide the vision you want to portrait. Make sure you do not discuss or interpret your results and do not repeat your discussions or views. You can redirect the observation of your reader to any where you want in this particular section and you can conclude your research preferably via tables, graphs or you can use simple texts as well.

Once you are done with the illustration of your findings, now you need to discuss and conclude your research in the discussion part. This part needs to cover each and every niche of your paper describing everything in detail and depth, providing a detailed exposure to the researches done so that it can support the conclusion or result.


Always draw a conclusion or predict future researches as an incomplete research paper is never accepted.

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