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Research paper spot considers the skeptics of our valued customers,
who are at a very significant stage of their academic life. To satisfy
these skeptics and to answer a bunch of questions which students usually
have, while hiring a research paper writer, we are providing a rough session of questions and answers which would satisfy your doubts and skeptics,
if you have any.

What level quality will I be served with?.

We guarantee all of our customers, a first class paper which will get you a score of above 60%. While some of the students also achieved distinctions by our customized written research papers, but we donâ™t guarantee that.

>We have been maintaining the tradition of crafting first class papers on all areas of research. We also guarantee you that you can count on us.

Are your writers highly qualified and professionals?

Take a deep breath and turn this skeptic into a trust on us, as we have had highly qualified writers, equipped with experience, since our beginning. Their professionalismâ™s proof is our number of satisfied clients. Just for the sake of bringing you into a much clearer scenario, we would like to inform you that we have separate departments for different areas of research, where only

specialized writers in their respective subject area are crafting the documents. An order for a psychology based research paper will only be assigned to a writer of a particular department of psychology. Thatâ™s how we transparently sustain the professionalism of our writers.

What if I get some extra feed back from my professor to change some parts
in the research paper?

Once you take our services, you qualify for unlimited revisions without any restriction of time frame. When ever you submit the document and get some feed back to bring in a slight or enormous change in the document, you can get it done by posting a revision request along with your particular order id through our What is the best writing service? page.

We guarantee a minimum 12 hours, turn over time for revisions. We do not leave our clients alone at any stage, since we care that how important this research paper can be for you at this stage of your academic life.

If my research paper isnâ™t as per my specifications and the quality which this website promises?

Such a long period of stay in this stream cannot be achieved without delivering our promises. While in case of any hassle we put forward following 3 options.

  1. You can claim for a complete new re-write of your document.
  2. You will be served with a new piece of work on a new topic.
  3. You can keep the document and get a 100% refund of the amount you paid.
  4. Any other possible way of compensating the loss would be adopted to satisfy the need of our customers.

How do you guarantee a plagiarism free document?

The first guarantee of a plagiarism free document is a professional and highly qualified writer, which we do have. If a writer has to deal with so many customers at a time, definitely he/she wouldnâ™t have much time and more options other than plagiarizing the document.

Since we have separate departments for all the specific areas of research, and the writers have specialized degrees in the related subject area. Only one order is assigned to a writer at a time and we donâ™t accept the requests until our network of writers come up with an approval for working on it. This allows the writer to craft the document by utilize his analysis and researches with all the intensity and keep any sort of plagiarism out of the paper.

We do not just rely on letting writers handle the documents which they are sure of crafting in the best way, but we also have an independent way to detect plagiarism on all the research papers before delivering them to the customers.

The document before the delivery is run against all the past works by our writer.

It is run against billion of web pages and thousands of libraries.

We use turnitin UK as a final check to be run on the paper.

Our writers are expertise in putting pen on a paper and produce a high quality research paper, so that it may be beneficial for students at this step of their academic life.
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