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– Few tips to write essay papers which
can help you remove your academic worries

Most of the time I gave essay help to the students writing their essays. In the middle of those essay papers, I realized that the experience of providing essay help was the same as I was writing their essays by myself.

An assignment of essay helps professors and instructors to check the essay writing capabilities in their students. Therefore, this is not a good attitude to engage someone else for your essay paper writing. You can take essay help from your instructor, seniors, or you by reading essay help tips available online and helpful books in your library.

Comparison of taking 

essay help

, or hiring someone to
write your essay:

Never hire someone else for writing your essay until and unless you find yourself helpless to write your essay
on your own. There are situations when it is nearly impossible to write your 

essay papers without help

writers who can write custom essays and help you to win good results and appreciation among your instructors and peers. You find yourself helpless when you are:


  • An ESL student, not good at English writing skills to write your essay paper and find no one to help you enough.
  • You have run out of your deadlines and just a day or two left to submit your essay paper otherwise….........
  • Busy in some other academic activities and can’t serve time and potential on your essay papers.
  • Facing problems to select a good topic that helps you 

    write a good essay paper

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All your efforts and capabilities to 

write an essay paper

 are in doubts when you are unable to find help to solve the problems you are facing. However there are few tips to write an essay that can help you out; just read and decide what to do and what not to do;

Free Tips that help you to make your essay writing a handier task than ever.

  1. Starting your essay

    Before starting your essay it is helpful to decide over:

    ! What are you writing your essay about?
    ! For whom are you writing your essay?
    ! How your essay will be helpful to them?

  2. Planning for your essay, help yourself by breaking down your essay paper into short and easy steps.

    ! Brainstorming and jotting down the ideas for your essay in short sentences can help you to smooth your essay writing process.
    ! To write a good essay it is helpful to write both ideas that are “for” and “against” your main idea.

  3. Start your essay writing with the help of an outline

    Dividing each part into paragraphs of your essay can be helpful to complete your essay writing quickly.

  4. There are five paragraphs of every essay as Introduction, Lead, Body Paragraph 1, Body Paragraph 2 and a Conclusion.

    • i. Introduction: With the help of main idea of your essay, write a complete and convincing statement.

    • ii. Lead: Discuss few points in continuation with the introduction and try to put some points that reading this essay can help the readers.

    • iii. Body Paragraph 1:, Here you can take help the points you collected “For” your main idea.

    • iv.Body Paragraph 2:, Here the points you collected “against” the main idea of your essay will be helpful. You can also add some words to compare the points “for” and “against” your main idea.

    • v. Conclusion:, To conclude reread and rewrite your whole essay and provide some helpful statements regarding your main idea.

  5. Systematic and structured research, rejecting the intuitions in the conclusion and permitting creative writing approach.

Get a free sample of essay that helps you to know how to write
an essay paper

Revise to improve your essay writing: reading your essay loudly and asking questions to yourself regarding the main idea of your essay can help you to improve your essay writing. Ask questions about;

  • ! Order of your essay is proper or not          
  • ! Is there need to add ideas, words, sentences or paragraphs to make it more sensible, logical and coherent.
  • ! Do you like your introduction, lead, body, and conclusion? Make changes accordingly.

Proofread your essay paper and with the help of following checks below, improve your writing;

  • ! Check for punctuations, grammar, and spellings in your essay paper.
  • ! Check if your verbs and nouns are going together
  • ! Check if your sentences are properly structured and complete?

Believe that a proper proofreading of your essay can help you to remove anything that can stop your reader enjoying your essay. A proofreader for your essay can also help to add something that can help a reader to continue reading your essay. Proper proofreading an essay is helpful and equally important like every other step of 

writing an essay


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Congrats, on the completion of your Essay Paper. If you want more help, you can What is the best writing service? anytime. I am quite sure that all above mentioned tips for writing an essay are helpful for you and I believe that you will cooperate with your peers for writing essays and help them.

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essay paper help

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